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  • Temerad Mastery

    *Prerequisites:* Dex 15 , Dodge , Improved Unarmed Attack , Mobility , Spring attack *Benefit:* The dodge bonus you gain from the Dodge feat rises to +4 . You can choose to apply the entire bonus against a single attacker or spit it between two …

  • Temerad Grand Mastery

    *Prerequisites*: Dex 19, Blance 8 ranks , Deflect Arrows , Stunning Fist , Temerad Mastery *Benefit*: You gain a +2 Insight bonus to Armor Class .

  • Accurate Delivery (Ambush Feat)

    Prerequisites Poison use , sneak attack Benefit When making a sneak attack with a poisoned weapon you can exchange sneak attack damage dice for a +1 increase to the DC of the victim's saving throw as you sacrifice damage to delivery the poison …

  • Initiate of Menoth

    Prerequisites Ability to cast Divine spells , patron deity Menoth Benefit You can generate the protective ward granted by the Protection domain once per day per 4 cleric levels .

  • Death's Vow

    Benefit: You form a special bond with your Mask of the Skull much like that of a wizard and a familiar . You gain abilities based on your character level while wearing your mask ; Level 1-3 Immunity to fear effects Level 4-7 You no …