Theopolus – Beguiler
From Seat of Law. Third child of three. Father is a mid-level bureaucrat involved in the church. Oldest brother is a cleric – with divine magic and the works. A true believer and heavily involved in the church. Second child is oldest sister – Seterra. She was married off to a wealthy merchant family and lives with her husband in Cakon, in the County of Vichy. As the third child, a full eight years younger than his sister (9 years younger than big brother), Theo flew under the radar in many respects – not a lot of expectations for this child, not a lot of discipline or attention paid. Full education, many opportunities. Magic manifested in adolescence – treated as a divine gift by family and friends.
Generally faithful, but not nearly as devout as the rest of the family. Desires to do good, but easily bored and distracted. Has long carried a knack for deception. An effort has been made to bend these skills towards the greater good. Theopolus has been tasked with heading to Calabria to help with the law enforcement effort being organized there by the church, with an understanding that he should keep his eyes and ears open and report anything interesting. It is unclear to all involved if this assignment is meant to keep Theo out of trouble and out of the way or if he’ll really be of service, but everyone seems to think it’s for the best.
Seterra was more like a mother than a sister due to the age difference. We’re still pretty close.
Theo has had a knack for finding things he wasn’t supposed to. This isn’t always good – discovering the plans for Seterra’s arranged marriage before she did caused some trouble – but nothing serious. It all turned out well, her husband is a decent person, and their marriage seems relatively strong. That same tendency let Theo to discover that one of Seterra’s husband’s (let’s call him Harve) business partners was stealing from him. Theo had been visiting as a teen, and managed to discover the embezzlement and provide proof to Harve that wound up saving him from significant losses.
Seterra was a good friend with a Duchess who was recently assassinated. The Duchess’ young daughter was kidnapped by the bodyguards sworn to protect them

Theo’s education was hodgepodge. More formal training in things like arcana and religion were boring and (as a result) difficult. His mind would wander, and he was good at distracting his tutors and getting the lessons way off track. More hands on training in areas like information gathering and searching were much more entertaining, rewarding, and successful.

At one point Theo had been a promising candidate to become an inquisitor – he had been chosen to be groomed for the role, and there is still hope that he will mature into such a role. His heart is in the right place, and his skill set seem to match well, but his lack of focus and general flightiness leave some questioning his future.

Theo isn’t serious in nature, but he’s not exactly a fool, either. He’s pretty sure that this assignment will be a blast, and he’s going to enjoy it. It’s also an opportunity to do some good in the world, which he likes. He also figures this is some sort of test, to see if he’s ready/willing/able for some other things – things he’s not sure he wants to do. He’s chosen to ignore these aspects of this assignment for the most part, figuring those things will just work themselves out.


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