The great god Io created the world and populated it with creatures in his own image . Known in modern times as the Immortal or Great dragons each of these beings wielded the power of a god in their own right . They created music and science and mathematics and all things known to man today; peaceful Io looked upon them and was pleased by their quest for knowledge . In time they turned their attentions to magic and the exploration of the infinite planes . They became particularly interested in a realm that seemed to exhibit both the properties of another plane of existence and those of a place that exists far across the void of space in the material plane (known today as the Far Realm) . Martialing their magical powers several of the Immortal Dragons transported themselves to the Far Realm and began to explore its strange and wonderful secrets . Many of the strange inhabitants of this bizarre land were utterly inimical and violent but they posed no threat to the Great Dragons .

Their intrusion drew the attention of a being known by many names , usually called Mak Thuum Ngatha the Nine Tongued Worm in modern times . With ease the Nine Tongued Worm overpowered the dragons and seeing they were indeed immortal was overjoyed – he had found an endless source of life energy for his dark works . Back on earth the dragons were dismayed at the prospect of eternal torment for their brothers and sisters , and horrified as the lidless eye Mak Thuum Ngatha settled upon their world . The Nine Tongued Worm set out across the void , hungry for more fodder. The dragons searched in earnest for a way defeat him , but no weapon , no spel l, no stratagem could overcome the might of this dark entity . They turned to Io for protection and fearing for his creations Io went forth to confront Mak Thuum Ngatha .

The battle was no battle at all . Mak Thuum Ngatha seized Io and rent him in twain without the slightest effort – although Io was had power he was no war-god he had no heart for conflict and was easy prey . With this sacrifice though his body instantaneously transformed ; one half becoming platinum Bahamaut and the other becoming many colored Tiamat . More warlike and strong in battle than gentle Io they fell upon Mak Thuum Ngatha and a furious battle that destroyed entire planets ensued . In the end Mak Thuum Ngatha could not be killed , but the two newly born gods were able to drive him back to the Far Realm and place powerful wards that prevent him from leaving for all time (or so they thought) . Bahamaut looked upon his deadly sister and offered his hand in the spirit of cooperation and companionship – for they have just proven that together they could overcome any obstacle.

Tiamat fell upon him with deadly intent – for her heart is filled with naught but lust for bloodshed . Exhausted and heartsworn Bahamaut was defeated and slain , his essence scattered across the cosmos . Tiamat took her place as the lone master of all creation. On earth the Great Dragons were relieved by the defeat of the Nine Tongued Worm , but horrified as their fellows in the Far Realm continued to suffer . Marshaling their powers they stripped away their own immorality , sacrificing eternity to allow those on the Far Realm to die and be granted released from their awful bondage .

Tiamat quickly set the dragons to fighting against one another for dominance , but they proved to be poor entertainment due to their low numbers and long life cycle . Seeking more interesting diversions she gathered up some of the spirit of dead Bahamaut and created a lesser god called Moradin ; whom she set to the task of creating more prolific creatures to war for her amusement and to serve her favored dragon followers . Moradin created the Soulforge and upon it hammered into life the irda (filled with the black heart of Tiamat) the elves (noble in spirit like Moradin himself) and the humans (created with a mix of both godly countenances) . Tiamat was greatly pleased for the irda with their shape changing powers quickly conquered and enslaved the elves and the humans ; setting up mighty kingdoms and warring amongst themselves . As the centuries passed and the irda kingdoms grew decadent and weak they called upon Tiamat to empower them . Under her instruction Moradin created hobgoblins and they became the brutal enforcers and minions of the irda , propping up their teetering empires .

Crushed under the boot heel of tyranny anew , a new hope was born amongst the human and elves with the coming of the dragonborn – reincarnated souls from the Great Dragons with a spark of Bahamaut’s divine power . As new rebellions arose and war seized the land , the elves turned to Moradin and pleaded with him for aid . Unable to intervene directly under Tiamat’s watchful eye , he sent among them a prophet , who helped the elves to unlock the powers of the mind . The humans for their part with the help of the dragonborn , tapped into the powers of the dragons themselves , giving themselves the gift of sorcery . Newly armed with psychic and magical might , the humans and elves overthrew the irda and gained their freedom .
Enraged , Tiamat gathered those dragons loyal to her and unleashed them upon the lesser races in a massive onslaught of destruction . Taking creation into her own hands she unleashed crude creatures of her own design – dragonspawn , wyverns , vicious drakes , and other dragonlike creatures to torment and destroy the upstart humans and elves . From this crucible of war was forged a man of uncompromising nature , a man dedicated to retribution . Called Menoth he and his followers would stop at nothing less than the extinction of the evil dragons . When this bloody quest was complete Menoth ascended to godhood , spontaneously gathering some of the fallen power of Bahamaut to himself . Driven mad with rage Tiamat assaulted him and was driven back by the powerful blows of Menoth’s staff (now his symbol, the Menofix) .

Although his worship was largely abandoned (except by more traditional folk) with the rise to power of Menoth , Moradin nevertheless seized the opportunity to create new goodly races and creatures on his Soulforge . When Tiamat finally returned from nursing her wounded pride she used the Soulforge for the first and last time , creating the rakasta to augment her hobgoblin and irda followers before shattering it and casting the pieces across creation so that they could never be brought together again , Moradin searches for them eternally.

To Serve and Protect?

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