Magistrate Malak

The Unholy


A much respected and revered magistrate in Bissel for 30 years Malak was revealed by Marshal Reiland Redhat to be a secret wizard who used his spells to carry out contract killings as well as the serial killer known to the populace as “the Unholy” who murdered dozens of young couples throughout the southlands on their wedding night . Although with the evidence collected by Marshal Reiland no one doubts the guilt of Malak there is some controversy around the way the matter was resolved . Fearing that the accomplished spellcaster would be nearly impossible to capture , Reiland had determined that Malak made much use of scrying and teleportation to carry out his crimes without being discovered , the Marshall took it upon himself to put and end to Malak’s reign of terror . Reiland spent months determining who would be Malak’s next victim and once he was sure who would be targeted and when he compromised Malak’s secret source of spell components and introduced a sabotaged scroll . When Malak made his move to carry out his next murder he was instead teleported into a solid wall and killed instantly . Reiland came forth with the proof of Malak’s misdeeds after the fact and won high acclaim for his actions amongst most , but there are those that point out that what he did was no less than cold blooded premeditated murder .

The wall with the partially visible remains of Malak are a popular tourist attraction .

Magistrate Malak

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