Lavinia the Thrice-Widowed


Born Varossa Lycaste in the prestigious 10th district of Noveliss Lavinia never got along with her highborn family and from an early age was packed off to live with increasingly distant and less reputable relatives before finally ending up on her own and falling to the company of men of low character . Lavinia staggered drunkenly from one disaster to another , managing just to stay alive by the quickness of her blade and the sheer audacity of her schemes . She met and married fellow “seeker of fortune” Warvil . Theirs was a short and turbulent union . Arguing over the treasure of the notorious brigand Redclaw during the Rum Punch Festival in Whitelilly Lavinia killed Warvil , an act that was ruled self-defense . Claiming his key to the treasure as her own Lavinia recovered the treasure and set herself up in style in Briarwood , rich beyond her wildest dreams . When the mayor and captain of the guard disappeared mysteriously Lavinia , surely filled with civic responsibility , declared herself mayor and set about building up a standing army .

After a whirlwind romance Lavinia married again , to the mayor of neighboring Enstand , Ilnerik Sivanshin . A tight bond was forged between the two cities , so much so that some felt that Ilnerik had become merely a puppet with Lavinia pulling the strings from the shadows . This speculation was largely rendered moot when Ilnerik died in an accident at the construction site of a new community . A grief stricken Lavinia vowed that she would finish building this new town in honor of the fallen husband and towards that end appointed herself mayor of Enstad – temporarily of course . The city council’s objections fell silent when Lavinia and her comrades uncovered that many among them were corrupted agents of foreign powers .

Luckily for Lavinia love springs eternal and she was married again to Luvick Siervage – scion of the wealthiest family in Enstand . Soon after a series of tragic accidents left Lavinia the heir to the Lycaste lands and fortune , forcing her to reluctantly take up the mantle of the family that had spurred her so long ago – for the good of Calbaria .

Lavinia the Thrice-Widowed

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