Fellow constable , slaver


Native from Imir Kraye moved to Calbaria when Imir signed their pace treaty with the Hobgoblin empire because he “ain’t gonna live with no Tiamat lovers” . In Imir he was a professional athlete of some kind , in Calbaria he briefly worked as a barrister before quitting in disgust and becoming a scout for the army . He has “Returned” tattooed on his left forearm which is a reference to the Ashrati campaign in the Desolation . The Ashrati wrote a certain religious text all over rocks and outcroppings in their territory the last line of which was “So enter this path, but heed these four words, You shall never return” . Many veterans have such a tattoo as a final insult to the defeated “Ash Rats” . After a certain level of comfort was reached and after a few bottles of disgusting sugary wine that he likes Kraye opened up and shared somber concern about what’s happening in the county right now . Corrupt or not he feels that sweeping away the entire justice system is going to result in anarchy and the collapse of the rule of the law – which he fears could result in the entire country falling apart . He further mentions that this “roving constable” idea is on the whole doing more harm than good . He mentions that several of the other “constables” he met were shakedown artists at best and outright bandits at worst . And that the constables that are trying to do good suffer from a complete lack of organization .

He cited in specific the group that tried to take down Holloway and how they were soundly defeated . “If you’re going to go up against a truly dangerous man you go in force – forty or fifty men , healers , spellcasters , cavalry , maybe some air support and you make sure that scumbag knows he has two choice – lay down arms or die . And if they choose the second it happens like that (snap fingers) not this horseshit hand to hand blade to blade stuff . This is not two gentlemen dueling for their honor , this is WAR – you give them no choice and no chance .”


To Serve and Protect? MOAV