Born where the rocky scrublands give way to the plains, near where the Desolation of Alphaas meets the Plains of Hak and Calbaria. Hathus was born a member of a semi-nomadic minor human tribe who managed to eke out an existence in land no one else was interested in for many generations. Migrating from plains to higher ground following the seasons and the weather, they were primarily hunters/gatherers with some primitive agriculture. When the orcs made their home nearby, an uneasy peace was kept primarily through mutual disinterest. When the soldiers of Calbaria came, this tribe put up stiff resistance and suffered mightily for their efforts. Once they admitted defeat and peace was established, the tribe largely scattered, absorbed into the expanding Calberia.

Hathor was young during the struggle, such as it was, and served some time as a scout. During that time he met and befriended a ranger named Eteron, who took him under his wing, teaching him some of the ways of the wild. Eteron came and went on his own schedule, and stopped making appearances some five years ago. Around the same time, Hathor fell in with a loose-knit band of men who lived on the edge of society. They would find a nice seculded place, set up camp, and stay for a week, a month, or a season (depending on circumstances.) Their needs were few, and they made their living distilling a well-respected variety of whiskey, as well as smuggling items across borders. (Never slaves, maybe weapons if they found the cause worthy, but mostly contraband they found to be harmless and “shouldn’t be illegal anyway.”)

Fairly recently, the party was broken up by a gnoll raid on their encampment. The band put up a valiant struggle, and actually won the day. However, few survived, and all the equipment was lost. The survivors buried the dead, paid their respects, and each moved on their separate ways.

Hathor decided it was time to find Eteron. After some time searching, he learned from the centaur Ariana Goldenhoof that Eteron had died at the hands of an owlbear. She further expressed concern over Bazil, another individual that Eteron had taken under his wing. Bazil (aka Crow), was a mongrelman that Hathor had met in the company of Eteron before. Ariana told Hathor that Bazil had taken up residnence with a local blacksmith, but that recently the blacksmith had sent him away to join the Calbarian constibulary. Having little else to do, Hathor decided to seek out Bazil and see how he fared.


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