To Serve and Protect?

Session 15

File documents 136(iv) and 22-C and -D in triplicate, pay all requisite fees, request a . .

Arriving at the town of Dreslev and the Fort of Clatsoth the group found that they were flying the flag of a mercenary group known as the Razor’s Crown . They contemplated just leaving but eventually decided to mill around instead . Hathor approached the gate and was told to bugger off . Jack snuck into town through a heavily guarded breach in the wall . Crow tried to bribe his way in with food , then refused to turn over said food, and was thrown back out of town . Max showed off his water creation powers and was let in after filling up several barrels to look around the local temple . After the looting was done the mercs took him to see their fat commander, Oligev, who offered Max a job with their crew . After a significant amount of equivocating, Max said he had to think about it . Jak infiltrated the fort and went down to the dungeons to see who was around . He found the former garrison commander Knies who told him the sad tale of how Baron Deslev surrendered the fort to the mercs and a band of plainsmen from the Hak . Jak turned him loose and as a way of thanks Knies pointed him towards a brothel called “Nectar” where he might be able to procure some illicit healing .

Crow and Hathor sat outside the gates and made a great show of their massive surplus of food until the point it seemed the drooling mercenaries might sally forth at which point they backed off , and then ultimately turned the food over for entry into the city . Crow checked out the town and decided to intervene when he saw some mercs abusing the blacksmith . Crow killed the mercs while Hathor pinned down their reinforcements with bowfire from above . Crow also critically murdered the blacksmith by accident as one of the mercs used him as a human shield . Crow then assumed the identity of one of the murdered soldiers and went on a merry killing spree of picking off mercs and taking their forms . Hathor apprenticed himself to a brewer .

Jak found that the proprietress of Nector was a fellow secret worshipper of his pagan wine god and they got along famously . At a very steep discount he was cured of the demon shakes and uncursed . He offered to smuggle her out of the city but in the end a deal could no be struck and with a hearty “Hoarded gold is no treasure” they toasted to the Laughing Rogue and went their separate ways . Ways that included Jak heading into the fort again and killing a guard and stuffing him in an oven under the guise of a kitchen inspection . Max incited the mercs to throw a bunch of homeless people into the river to be eaten by river trolls .

Various schemes are plotted and plots hatched and hatches schemed but in the end everyone got sick of this bullcrap and they stole a boat and scarpered off . ( I’ve been working 55-60 hours a week lately so I didn’t really have a chance to review my notes before the game – things should have been better . I’ll take the blame for this one . )

The party headed upstream to return to the constabulary base of Nulb , upon the way Jak split off to head for Dramshae to see what happened to Ace and Renwald . The rest of the party visited Sunrise to retrieve their chalice and then were warned by a river marshal not to go to Nulb if they were constables because it was a trap . Which it was . Max got sliced up a bit before teleporting and invisibiling away like a warlock . As the group headed vaguely towards the Kron Hills they were contacted magically by Cannoness Y’Dey who asked if they were still interested in solving crimes . They said they had to think about it as they had a lot on their plate right now .


So sad to see it go…

Session 15

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