To Serve and Protect?

Session 14

Who rules Bartertown ?

Exiting the gigantasaur with a few gnoll scouts in the area the crew headed west on magically summoned steeds eating magically summoned food and drinking magically summoned water . Mmmm , magic ! Hathor spotted some people in the distance and considered murdering them but ultimately did not . Jak snuck up on them an verified that they appeared to be ragged losers of some kind . The rest of the party made their presence known and said losers told a tale of woe about escaping from a Thenolian slave gang heading to Fort Clatsoth and then being essentially re-enslaved by one of their fellow escapees who as it turned out was a half-ogre and beat any dissenter to death . They had holed up at Onyx Hall , and old abandoned hunting lodge that once belonged to a prominent Thenolian noble family . Along the way they stopped at the legendary Dragontree and partook of its magically delicious fruit . The freed slaves considered settling there as there was also a magical spring but Hathor confirmed that this sight was regularly visited by gnolls and raksata so that plan was abandoned .

Reaching Onyx hall, Jak disguised himself as one of the run away run away slaves and snuck inside , seeing a mighty half-ogre reclining amongst his emaciated and dying slaves . Jak moved in silently for the murder but the half-ogre seemed to be sniffing him out so he switched to a bow attack and summoned his waiting allies . Max conjured a swarm of celestial bees that massacred the half-ogre like a donkey eating a waffle . It was a terrible sight . The once again freed slaves fled in terror but were corralled and the group agreed to shepherd them to safety – and by safety they meant a warzone of gnoll horrors . They came across a small settlement of orcs and freed slaves by the name of Brimstone Springs where Jak purchased an up-to-date map from some local scouts and he and Hathor spread about some money to get the freed slaves established there . Max hated the town and wanted to burn it to the ground because no one there had any magic and non-magical people are worthless and should be killed . The map seller mentioned gnolls were gathering in the area so the party headed off in the opposite direction to find and kill them .
They were spotted by a gnoll chariot team that set up to harass them from afar with their superior mobility . Instead they were slaughtered miserably by Crow’s greatbow and Max’s fireball . Crow tried to drive one of the chariots and failed . Jak tried to drive one of the chariots and kind of succeeded . Hathor started to track back to where the gnolls had come but Jak discovered that they had been trained to return home upon command and they rode the chariot to a long abandoned temple . Since Max was low on magicalness, they drove off away and set up camp . A few hours later under the cover of darkness they gnoll’s launched their sneak attack . Crow ran off into the darkness to fight off the entire force himself while Jak was beset by Twigjacks and Hathor and Max were harried by blood hawks . Also severed heads filled with ravenous beetle larva were used as thrown weapons . It was gross . Hathor was slashed by blood hawk talons and was supposed to take bleed damage but I forgot . Eventually Jak lit a lantern and Max started laying about with lightning bolts and thousand of summoned bees and the tide was turned . The remaining gnolls retreated . Falling back and setting up another camp (this time without a fire) they rested and then began the assault in the temple .

The first room was slimy with mud which Jak tried to circumnavigate unsuccessfully and flopped into a mudpile . Hathor climbed onto the roof (drink !) and discovered a hole in the roof . Joined by his compatriots they watched some Afridi tribesmen hanging around in a swampified nave . It was being discussed what to do when a gnoll came in and started talking to the Afridi at which point Hathor started shooting . Crow jumped into the hole and disappeared into the mud like a stone cast into water . Hathor and Jak rained arrow-death down on the men inside while Max levitated into the slime and grabbed Crow . Levitating out as much as he could with Crow’s bulk, Crow was revealed to be holding onto the tail of a mighty crocodile . Max handed him a rope and levitated away , summoning his own devil-crocodile for a good old fashioned croc-fight . Crow stabbed his spear into the melee and Hathor/Jak shot arrows into the scrum but it was revealed that the original croc was healing like Wolverine . At this point Jak and Hathor started exploring other areas while Max rained acid-death on the croc – regenerate THAT !
Jak found another room completely flooded and started to wade in – a second croc came and he moonwalked back to dryish land . Using his rope and grappling hook and extendable spiked chain he struck at the croc which retreated under the water – although I did think about having it lunge out of the water to snatch him like that scene in Jurassic World with the mosasaur . Hathor found a hatch down to a burial chamber . Jak climbed down and spied with this little eye a couple filthy wicked gnoll clawfighters . Returning to report, Crow tried to climb down the shaft and plummeted to the ground . Hathor jumped down after him and Max/Jak followed via levitiation . Hathor and Jak caught devil shakes from the terrible claws of the gnolls but they were defeated . Continuing on they found a bigger better burial chamber with a couple gnolls and hyenas . There was fighting and whatnot , Crow again , took the brunt of the melee while everyone else attacked from range . Oh no , magic is inhibited in this room , fireball fizzles ! A huge demonic centipede was summoned however which took the starch out of the gnolls pretty quickly .

The tomb was found to be that of a gnoll ! WTF ? Jak reached into the sarcophagi to seize all the magic items and was cursed for his trouble but a gnoll’s ransom of wicked magic items were recovered .

Then they continued on to Fort Clatsoth unless we’re playing next week in which case they didn’t .



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