To Serve and Protect?

Session 13

Jurassic Inception

(*Note and reminder, Ace went to help Renwald)
Max awoke with the party cocooned and found himself stuck to the ground by his pet cave fisher. He then discovered that his cave fisher could talk, and intended to “upgrade” Max with his own exoskeleton. As the cave fisher began the surgery, Max awoke to some Wisdom damage.
The party broke camp and continued to Bluffside by way of Latona. Max then had another nightmare inwhich he suffered even more drain bamage, and was rendered retarded. The Dragonborn then assisted Max with a Circle of Protection from Evil spell, and he was attacked by a ghost Jak stabbed it with his sweet spidersilk rapier and it clearly didn’t like that and disappeared. Then Max did some dark research, and upon further investigation, concluded it was some kind of nightmare hag. Then along the road to Latona Hathor came upon a human head. Surprisingly the head was still alive, and attached to it’s body, just buried in the middle of the road. Torg was engaged to a local girl, but backed out on the engagement, and her family (Redeemers) took it poorly and buried Torg. The party dug him up, fed him, and gave him a new pair of pants. He then followed the group to Latona.
Also the party encountered a 1/2 orc who was attempting to locate information about a plague of weird worms, that Max and Crow had encountered previously. Once the group reached Latona, Jak went to check his mail and Hathor went looking for Sir Scarpelli. Sir Scarpelli was sent to the crusades in Grassguard. So the gang packed up and went forth to battle the army of the gnolls, FINALLY.
Then unexpectedly WUB-A-LUBA-DUB-DUB! Lavinia teleported in with a full retinue of dudes and fine ladies explaining that the gnolls had a super dinosaur that was destroying the city/fort! Fort Ranick had already been demolished, and she needed the group to fly their hippogriffs on a totally not suicide mission to take out the dinosaur’s control tower so that it would wander back into the Valley of Thunders before it reached Grassguard.
The party mounted up, and Max turned the group invisible. Lavinia also gave them all rings of feather fall, so they could death from above down onto the massive castle structure that had been built on the back of this great beast.
Several towers were infiltrated, several gnoll guard groups were either killed or tossed over the side of the great beast. A magical platform full of tentacles caused some problems, but Max’s rope of climbing and Jak’s incredible climbing skills saved Crow from falling to a crushing death. Additionally a gnoll with a decanter of endless water was both attempting to clean Crow and knock him off a rope. The party proved to be superior archers and ended that gnollish threat, however it is presumed the dinosaur now will begin smelling.
As the group neared the control tower/center, they confronted a female wizard, who then dimension doored away.. Then the group began it’s slaughter of gnolls as the towers began to be alerted. Max summoned some falcons, and sent them to find the sorceress, and they were promptly blown apart by a lightning bolt as soon as they left the tower. Many ideas were discussed about how to approach the possible landing where the wizard may or may not be. Meanwhile, Crow just snuck away and up onto the next platform. Bewildered at this stupidity, Jak snuck up to attempt to find him, couldn’t find him, and decided Crow had fallen to his death. Then Crow awaited the party’s approach to the next platform, and readied two of the ballista on the platform, in case the gnoll awoke that were “guarding” it. The party began coup de grace, and some gnolls awoke. Crow made shish kabob’s of some of the gnolls and the rest were murdered. As the group approached the control tower Max and Jak were harpooned. Hathor took the lead and started a confrontation with a spiked chain wielding dogman. Max and Jak begrudgingly removed their harpoons and made their way to the control tower. Meanwhile 4 more gnoll guards began to close in on the battle. Max blew up the bridge, and the dogman’s eyeballs were popped, and teeth extracted. Spiked chains were awarded to Jak, and Crow then rode a giant damn dinosaur off into the sunset. Unless the party can talk him out of it.



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