To Serve and Protect?

Session 12

Shout first , shout loudest

Hathor and Max bickered (Mom and Dad are fighting!) Decisions were made, then un-made, then made, then Crow and Jak just started off down the road and eventually Max and Hathor caught up.

Dragonborn were arrested for previous mind control and possible murder, and taken to a work camp. Appeals were filed. Dragonborn were broken out in the interim. After more arguments regarding the lawful process vs the smuggling criminals over borders, the party split with Max going to appeal the case of the mind-controlled Dragonborn, and successfully acquiited the Dragonborn, and then paid some clerics to fly him to the rest of the groups destination in Alphaas. Months long journeys were taken through the Desolation of Alphaas. Hathor revealed that he was a billionaire and bought a city’s worth of goods and services to give as presents to the people of his homeland.
Then a Spiny Triceratops ate some giant termites, and the circle of life was ended via part involvement. Queen termites were killed and rendered into potions. Triceratops were killed to make into decorative outfits.

A bird flew over, dropped some pheromones on one of the Dragonborn. In an attempt to cover the smell many poopy/muddy casts were created to cover the Dragonborn chemical spill, alas—-
Battles were had, mantis were defeated, insect organs were harvested, stomachs were gutted and spider web swords were discovered.

Final decisions were made to head to Bluffside or Green-Nest? (why those decisions were made I do not recall)



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