To Serve and Protect?

Session 11

Elvira is still alive ?

Ace disappeared to check in with his contacts about the location of the mask . Shadrach wandering through town trying to entice the Red Claw into a duel . The remainder of the party decided that participating in a manhunt was boring and talked to Anders about his treasure recovery opportunity . After almost frightening him off from the expedition entirely Anders took them to the man who he thought had built the vault that the supposed treasure allegedly was inside – Kantle . For a small fee Kantle divulged the secrets of the vault and how to best go about opening it . He also did a small dance for the amusement of the party . Also there was a monkey but it was old so Hathor hated it .

Armed with this knowledge the party headed to the abandoned town of Thornhill (know by some as Thornhell) . Jak headed down the well followed shortly by Max and Crow . Hathor spotted a wolf spying on them that ran off . Finding several deceased cave fishers they attempted to harvest some cave fisher eggs with varying degrees of success . Crow tore one on half to make his own makeshift Apparatus of Kwalish . A merry time was had with that .


Hathor joined the rest of the group . Continuing on into the vault room they found several more dead cave fisher and a dead dark naga . Jak started working on the vault as Anders sent back word that the wolf was back with a person . Hathor returned topside , the wolf disappearing again while several additional thugs came out of the woodwork . Hathor took to a rooftop while Crow also came back up . Crow attempted to sneak upon the gathering as Max and Jak also came topside and Anders hid in the well . It was revealed that a minotaur was giving the orders and he charged Crow – who charged right back at him . They met with a might clash , Crow’s mortal blow being turned aside by the minotaur’s magical breastplate . Hathor fired several arrows at what he assumed was the weakest, least threatening thug; but said thug turned them aside with his bare hands . Hathor was highly impressed . As Crow and the minotaur exchanged mighty blows a dozen men swarmed Jak and Max . Jak nimbly ran away and took cover in the well with Anders . Max was battered half to death before he was able to summon the Four Dancing Spiders of Sacrad to help protect him . Crow disengaged with the minotaur to go to Max’s aid , which resulted in him being gored to death by said minotaur . Things looked grim but between Hathor’s archery and Jak’s sneak attack the tide was turned , the minotaur was slain, and the thugs were run off . During the melee the wolf was spotted peeking into the well before running off again . Hathor shot at it but the wolf caught the arrow in its jaws and ran on .

Gathering up the Crow-corpse the party returned to the vault and opened it . Anders rushed forward but Jak warned him against traps and then pocketed a few gems for himself . Once the remaining loot was collected a lengthy debate incurred on whether to take the money or return it to the noble family to which it belonged as Anders had intended . In the end no decision was made and the party headed back into town . Along the way Max came to the conclusion that they were being followed and Hathor broke off to investigate . Eventually he was able to speak with the wolf trailing them who was upset by the death of the naga in the well . Hathor professed innocence but the wolf didn’t buy it . They went their separate ways .

Back in Lantona they were met by Ace who was annoyed to find that they had gone off without him yet again . Nevertheless he graciously took them to the home of one Gaddock Teeg who promised half price resurrections . Crow was strapped to a table , filled with alchemical reagents , and hooked to various strange bellows and pumps . While waiting for him to marinate Teeg , Hathor and Hak worked on mixing up some Demon Rum from the cave fisher eggs , chatting over a spot of tea and played a few hands of the Maiden and the Castle . Crow was indeed brought back to the land of the living and after a few minutes of screaming and thrashing on the table he was back to his old self . Mostly . Teeg mentioned he may have been briefly possessed by a devil but not to worry about it . Max entered into negotiations for the alchemical formula involved in the process but a deal could not be reached .

It was decided in the end to return the booty to its “rightful” owners , the Coatsta-Grimgain family of the Lantona Gainways . Jak disguised himself in the manner of the local nobility and the approach was made . Things were a little rocky at first but eventually a deal was struck (via underling) and the treasure was returned . Jak was awarded a Medal of Gallantry and then made to endure several hours of polite noble chit-chat . He did manage to weave in word of the gnolls to the south . Hrazeon Coatsta-Grimgain asked him to keep an eye out for Count Bradenton’s son who was last seen leading an army south in direct contradiction of the Count’s orders . Anders used his share of the money to secure a home for his family , Hathor and Max seeing them safely installed . Hathor then sought up the knight who had killed the naga Ser Scorelli and after terrifying his maid told him about the wolf scenario . The knight was sympathetic but had nothing to offer as a way of remediation .

Ace informed them that Shadrach had been confronted by Red Claw who claimed to be controlled by the sword and asked for his help – they left town together . Ace further went on to say the mask thing had been “taken care of” . The party then began considering a offer made by Teeg to fight against Ironwolf’s champions in a 100% illegal underground pit fight , at which point Ace remembered that Max was supposed to go see Bishop Terjen . He did and after disproving Theo’s accusations that he was a Tiamat worshipper Max and the Bishop had a long conversation about the temporary constable program and its many failings . Everyone else was probably kind of bored .



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